Want to know what business tools the Icons use?

I'm ready to reveal all! Let's play, Icon.

A Note: Some of these links are affiliate links which means when you click the link to purchase something on this page, it won't cost you more but I may receive a commission for sharing my ideas with you. None of these are things I wouldn't have shared with you anyway.


Some business things I cannot do without...


Schedule those calls with your partners, agents, brands and clients with ease with Once Hub, our go-to solution for virtual scheduling, automating recurring schedules and calendar integrations with Zoom and Google calendar, A saviour.


Every business needs a sales funnel and managing funnels in your website is almost impossible, especially with automation and tracking. Even for super simple application funnels, we use and recommend ClickFunnels for our clients.


ActiveCampaign has been my go-to for running email campaigns, blasts, automations and live chat on websites for years. We always start here with all of our clients. It's simple, effective, reliable and user friendly. Their customer service is truly exceptional too, which helps!


You've spent tens of thousands on your website design. Don't make the mistake of scrimping on your hosting or domain provider. GoDaddy is what we use and recommend to all of our clients until you need a whopper of a hosting account.


Our CTO is the best in the world at making magical zaps happen and appear in all the right places! Want to know when someone makes a payment in Stripe directly in your Slack channel? Zap it. Want to know when someone registers for your event? Zap it.


Those elegant forms we use on our website and on our client's sites for applications, podcast bookings and interviews are all powered by Typeform which allows you to create truly beautiful forms and have the information reliably fed through to you. Voila!


I am constantly using Small PDF to reduce the size of images, presentations and documents to email or send virtually. It's so easy - you literally upload your document or image to the platform and it's back without reduction in quality a few moments later.


There are plenty of communication tools for your team, and I think we have tried all of them. Slack is our go-to because it is just simple to use, it's accessible everywhere (desktop, mobile apps) and it's super reliable as a software tool.


Remember when we were all stuck in Facebook Groups? Oh, you still are? Move on... Circle has arrived and it's BEAUTIFUL. Our communities are all run on Circle and so are our clients. We love it's constant optimisations and how effective it's been for our business.


Need a quiz for your website? We have tried them all for our clients over time and simply love the beautiful way that Interact allows you to create seamless and elegant looking quizzes including images, your own branding and branched outcomes.



At 4am, this light saves me every day. I click the little button and my crystal mirror comes to life. I am then ready to start the day with some glamorising. The mirror is so pretty, it's a centerpiece in my office,


I have four of these babies set up around desks and parked for different video purposes. They run through my ATEM switch desk and directly into my Zoom account for beautiful video.


Getting your audio sorted is super important for impactful meetings, negotiations and deals. Our clients all love the USB mics from RODE which really are superior when it comes to sound and performance.


My ATEM Mini Switch Deck is a saviour and I didn't even realize I needed saving. This board sits on my desk with my cameras and audios all hooked up and I can magically switch between them with a button!


Ring lights are perfect for beginners to intermediate content makers. YES, they will reflect your glasses and they can be harsh; but invest in a good quality one like the Luvo one I use, and you can control the strength.


When I'm filming video and need to stand up, roam around and move, this Rode Lavalier Lapel Mic is my go-to. I have a few of these beauties ready in different locations because I need them on the fly.


Sometimes my cameras just have a "moment" when I'm live on a webinar or call making a deal, and I need a backup that is super high quality and reliable. The latest Logitech cameras make it soooo easy to look good.


Much more than a selfie stick, the DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal makes creating professional video on the go possible. It stabilises your video, and allows you to roam around without the shakes. So good.

Working With Kathryn

Kathryn is the Icon-maker. She invests in and builds Empires. She works with change-makers to produce their revolution.  She is their mentor, representative, deal-maker.

It’s not work that sits in a niche.

It’s not work that has competition.

It’s not work that has a classification.

This is rare, important, elegant work.

If you are fortunate enough to work with Kathryn, you are changing humanity. Kathryn doesn’t waste her time or her client’s time on anything less.

Kathryn shapes Iconic branding and positioning so your aesthetic and articulation match your highest possibilities.

She expands your thoughts and goals and provides a safe place for you to innovate, create and grow at the highest levels.

She holds you to the highest version of yourself and your mission and provides a safe place for you to explore and bring to life your boldest ideas.

She deeply believes in you and will be the co-pilot in your destiny.

She believes so deeply in those she works with privately that she often invests in their businesses to fast-track their success.

If you work with Kathryn, she will let you into her secret society of Icons, literally the greatest greatness community in the world where those craving the biggest conversations are sated, and disruptive legacies are born.

If you are ready to move WAY beyond the mainstream and into the realm of Icons… Kathryn can shape your destiny.

“My original dream was to have a Family Office. This is now a reality. We just closed a $40M deal. That’s a long way from the $20K we were charging before working with Kathryn.”


Kathryn Has Been Seen In:



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