Talking Openly About Money, Wealth, and Prosperity

Let’s make a list: How many people in your life can you talk to about money?

And I don’t mean in the abstract; I mean honest conversations about your current financial situation, your wealth goals, your monetary legacy. Who is on your list?

My guess is you’re lucky to have three or four people. Your partner, your financial planner, and maybe a trusted friend or colleague. Everyone else would balk if you started talking about how much you’d like to earn this year, or told them how proud you feel about landing your first $1 million deal.

Discussing money has been considered taboo for ages. We’re taught that whether we’re conversing with total strangers or close friends, the topic of wealth must be avoided. It’s gauche. It’s ostentatious. It’s simply “not done.”

My clients make truly extraordinary amounts of money. All of them leverage multiple wealth streams to live lives of true freedom; lives that would be absolutely impossible without their top-tier earnings. They are all self-made entrepreneurs and Icons who have worked incredibly hard to achieve the levels of success they now enjoy. And even they frequently hide their wealth from their friends and family.

I want to change that. And I want YOUR help.

Because I believe this unwritten rule hurts everyone. It’s definitely restrictive to Icons like you who cannot share all you’ve achieved on social media or in your “normal” social circles as wealth simply is not normalized. But it’s also damaging to paycheck-earners, unemployed workers, even university students who are yet to land their first jobs.

And I’ll tell you why.

For starters, success stories are incredibly inspiring. There’s even evidence that people are particularly drawn to tales of wealth and abundance that begin with a failure! Now,

Not just celebrities but entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders, and executives. If more people understood that wealth isn’t the exclusive domain of movie stars and professional athletes, it would become more relatable.

People who felt inspired by the journeys and accomplishments of others would soon feel motivated to pursue their own ambitions. Seeing evidence that achieving abundance is truly possible will mean more extraordinary people of every background will move towards those big goals and achievements. Open, honest discussion of wealth could be the next “high tide that lifts all boats,” leading to fulfilled individuals, healthy economies, and a world brimming with passionate pioneers.

That would be phenomenal. Especially for those Icons among you who invest in startups and cutting-edge technology. Just picture the spread of opportunities you could access if more visionaries chased their dreams …

Another reason we should normalize talking about earnings and wealth? It would create out-of-this-world networking opportunities.

Research has shown that we all network with peers who look and act just like we do. We seek out others who have similar life experiences, and share opportunities and contacts with them because that feels safest.

This is fairly normal.

BUT it means that high-achievers like you who’ve built legacies of wealth … gravitate toward other successful, wealthy people. The favors that elite earners grant go to their upper-echelon peers, and open positions are given to people who run in their circles.

If we normalized the discussion of wealth and luxury among all people, those walls would come down. People who hadn’t reached the apex of their careers could chat with top earners, forge connections, and build meaningful relationships. And people who had already claimed their Iconic status would have an easier time connecting to other Icons, forging partnerships, and ascending even higher!

Think of it: the wealthy would gain access to a wider and more diverse pool of talent, and the yet-to-be-wealthy would gain entry to a new world of career and life opportunities. Another win-win!

Am I saying that bringing honest discussions of money back into modern society will instantly fix these long-standing issues?

Of course not. But it will get the ball rolling.

The longer we cling to the idea that abundance simply cannot be mentioned or explored with anyone who isn’t already living in the inner circle, the longer we allow a chasm to exist. Successful people can support and inspire others, but only if they are given free rein to talk about their choices, lives, and lessons with anyone and everyone. Icons can hire supremely talented individuals onto their teams, or invest in emerging companies, but only if those people are empowered to become visibly prosperous and successful.

Normalizing the discussion of prosperity and success can only have a positive impact on us all.

So let’s get talking.


Play big. Become Iconic. Build your Iconic Empire.


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