Kathryn invests in and represents some of the most exciting personal brands on the planet. Her strategies create Icons selling deals for millions. If you are ready to reject the mainstream, Kathryn is your mentor, strategist and guide.

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For those who are already a “success”, there is often a gap that to the masses just does not exist.  But to the truly gifted, there is much MORE to be achieved and only one strategist is capable of seeing the more, shaping the more and bringing the more to life.

That strategist is Kathryn Porritt.  The strategist behind the most brilliant extreme pioneering brands in the world.

Having founded and sold one of Australia’s most successful ecommerce businesses in her 30s, Kathryn went on to establish Icons Incorporated as HER passion project in her 40s.

Her audacious goal was to support elite experts to create, launch and grow their Iconic Empire. Icons Incorporated now represents the most exciting entrepreneurs in the world and has a waiting list of elite founders wishing to achieve much more than any mainstream business strategy can actualize. 

Kathryn’s clients are charging ultra-premium prices for their work, landing legacy-shaping deals worth millions and leading revolutions the world over.  $1m coaching contracts – yes.  $40m deals.  $63m funds.  All done under Kathryn’s expert guidance.

All of Kathryn’s clients start with the Commercialization Intensive with Kathryn.  It’s a 30 day deep dive into their business goals, Iconic brand opportunity, commercialization mapping and ultimately the delivery of an Iconic Empire map.  These 30 days are potent, powerful, efficient and effective for gifted experts and the intention is that Kathryn expands the vision of what is possible, and creates a pathway to success.  

Following the 30 days, Kathryn often represents or partners with those brands, creating deeply formed business relationships that exceed all expectations.

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The rare and uncommon become Iconic and build their Empires under Kathryn’s careful watch. Those who have the chance to work with Kathryn experience extraordinary change, creativity and growth – in business, in wealth and in their legacies. Kathryn works privately with a select group of extraordinary entrepreneurs and experts to launch their Iconic brand into the stratosphere. She offers private personal branding services, mentoring and intensives, as well as commercialization coaching. To join Kathryn’s waitlist, please fill in the form below:

“I was just trying to navigate a world of the mass market, and I was “successful”, but knowing I was the best in the world at what I did, I absolutely knew I was not reaching my possibilities completely. Now, I am charging hundreds of thousands in each transaction thanks to you, Kathryn. I have such an audacious vision of what I want to do in the world, and I feel so much confidence and so much alignment that now just attracts people to me automatically. You’re some crazy magician, Kathryn. I am so glad I found you.”