Relationships are my jam. Want to know how to partner with me?

Ok, let's do this.


Here are a few partnerships I'm working on...


Ella and Kathryn have partnered to create 99Thrive, a community for leaders in the health, wellness, fitness and vegan space. A curated space of curiosity and co-creation, this community is set to be a disruptor in the wellness industry.


Alongside Dominique Side's luxury fashion brand, Nikki Green, we are launching The Luxury Vegan Show in Q2 2023. We're working on securing guests and sponsorship for the show's first season as we speak. Interested? We'd love to hear from you.


Tina Lorenz is known as the world's greatest copywriter... and now at 70+, she is launching a brand new business: the Anti-Retirement Movement. With major press secured already, and a podcast and membership about to launch; watch out world... The Renegade Boomer is set to make BIG moves.


Jean-Paul Gravel is a leading advisor to UHNWI, known for his 100% success rate at solving major life problems and unlocking unlimited potential. He discusses ultimate power in his new podcast launching this month and we released a brand new guide to Omnipotence.


Dr, Matt Kreinheder is the genius behind the new Transformation & Coaching Industry Research Lab (TACIRL), providing objective, scientific research services to world-class coaches and transformational practitioners. Kathryn is partnering with Matt to launch his new podcast, survey tool and personal brand.


Lisa Barry is the remarkable entrepreneur behind the cult phenomenon for female coaches, Raw Leaders; and now in partnership with Kathryn, Lisa is launching her new brand focused on discipline and achievement in life. Lisa's energy is infectious and we cannot wait to birth the new brand this coming quarter.


The world's leading portrait photographer of Iconic personal brands, Starla and Kathryn have collaborated for many years on major projects for clients. Now, together with Starla's unrivalled imagery and Kathryn's luxury personal brand work, they are partnering to relaunch Iconic brands into the stratosphere.


Australia's leading luxury interior designer, Katarina Barakovska and Kathryn have partnered to launch her brand to the global market. With major luxury projects already underway, and the launch of a podcast with celebrity guests, Kate is set to truly redefine luxury design globally.


The revolutionary behind the Disruptive Truth phenomenon, Jen Franks Ahaghotu is about to set the world ablaze with her podcast focused on telling stories of black women's extraordinary success. Launching Q1 2023, we are very proud to be partnering with Jen on her important mission of change and impact.


Eesha has already proven her potency as a leader in the consciousness space, advising genius individuals on their spiritual gifts. She is turning her attention to launching an important show focused on first contact with extra terrestrial beings. Eesha's show launches Q2 2023, and is booking guests and sponsors now.


TV presenter, author and magazine publisher, Shar Moore is well known in women's entrepreneurial circles in Australia. We are proud to partner with Shar on her legacy project, Impact One Million, with a podcast and major book launch in 2024. We are currently booking guests for Shar's show and contributors for the book.


Tina Paterson delivers the world-class pioneering program for global companies focused on outcomes over hours. With phenomenal results in talent acquisition, retention and engagement, we are proud to partner with Tina to bring her LinkedIn show and personal brand to life world-wide.


Ben Reinberg is an unapologetic ultra high net worth investor who has created enormous success, who is now also focused on a pathway to significance. Exploring both the richness of life and investments that create wealth, Ben's personal brand and podcast are having a major makeover.

Want to work with one of my partners, be a guest on their show, or speak about becoming a partner yourself?

Working With Kathryn

Kathryn is the Icon-maker. She invests in and builds Empires. She works with change-makers to produce their revolution.  She is their mentor, representative, deal-maker.

It’s not work that sits in a niche.

It’s not work that has competition.

It’s not work that has a classification.

This is rare, important, elegant work.

If you are fortunate enough to work with Kathryn, you are changing humanity. Kathryn doesn’t waste her time or her client’s time on anything less.

Kathryn shapes Iconic branding and positioning so your aesthetic and articulation match your highest possibilities.

She expands your thoughts and goals and provides a safe place for you to innovate, create and grow at the highest levels.

She holds you to the highest version of yourself and your mission and provides a safe place for you to explore and bring to life your boldest ideas.

She deeply believes in you and will be the co-pilot in your destiny.

She believes so deeply in those she works with privately that she often invests in their businesses to fast-track their success.

If you work with Kathryn, she will let you into her secret society of Icons, literally the greatest greatness community in the world where those craving the biggest conversations are sated, and disruptive legacies are born.

If you are ready to move WAY beyond the mainstream and into the realm of Icons… Kathryn can shape your destiny.

“I partnered with Kathryn and everything has shifted, I now have a multi-million dollar business, I am working with my dream clients on dream projects. What Kathryn says works. I am the living testament to that."


Kathryn Has Been Seen In:



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