5 Reasons You Should Build Your Iconic Empire

Our clients are one of a kind. The very best at what they do. They are true Icons.

They are elite experts, entrepreneurs, founders — working in real estate, coaching, metaphysical work, law, literally any niche—who are looking to build more.

They’ve built extraordinary and exciting personal brands. They’ve reached the highest levels and they’re ready to go beyond that. So now they’re looking for what’s next. 

But what’s next after extraordinary success? 

It’s a disruptive legacy.

It’s an Iconic Empire.

An Iconic Empire is multiple wealth streams established for generational impact.

It’s built for longevity based on a luxury business model (NOT the mainstream business model we’re all used to). It has moved beyond ego to mission-based work.

On top of that—for your clients and devoted fans—it’s an immersive, multimedia, magical world that gives your audience multiple ways to learn from you and experience your pioneering vision and powerful ideas.

An Iconic Empire elegantly elevates your work and life. 

It changes the lives of your audience, your team, and your family. 

Build your Iconic Empire to leave a legacy

Truly great work like yours should live on for years to come; it should impact and affect people for generations to come.

Think of how Steve Jobs’s work has outlasted him… 

Or Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s impact on the lives of American women… 

Or how Maggie Beer has influenced Australian cooking…

An Icon outlasts, impacts, and influences.

And beyond the societal impact of a disruptive legacy, building an Iconic Empire creates generational wealth.

Your kids can attend any college they like without worrying about tuition. You can pass on incredible, luxurious, income-generating properties around the world to your grandkids. You can set up trusts and create safety nets for everyone you love. Your nieces and nephews can explore new places and new cultures together.

An Iconic legacy creates ultimate freedom through its impact on your world.

Build your Iconic Empire to take control

If you’ve done your time in the trenches with mainstream marketing, you know how much you’re limited and boxed in.

You’ve seen your big, exciting ideas watered down and weakened till they’re a sad, boring version of themselves.

You’ve had underpaying brand partnerships where brands want to approve every single word of every single social media post.

You’ve had the publishing deal that came nowhere close to your hopes and expectations.

You’ve looked to your market and asked your followers and subscribers what they want and then made it for them. Even if you thought it was boring and uninspired. 

You’ve responded rather than led.

When you’ve got an Iconic Empire, you’re in the driver’s seat. YOU set the prices. YOU create the products and services that YOU want to offer. And YOU communicate your bold, one-of-a-kind message.

You truly create in true potency and power.

Build your Iconic Empire to build wealth

An Iconic Empire comes with Iconic wealth. Private island money. Megayacht money. Scholarships-named-after-you money.

And with that Iconic wealth comes true freedom.

Hire people to do the things that take up your time and don’t require your genius: housekeeping, cooking, scheduling social media, pitching media. (Our agency can help you with the latter two.)

It gives you the space to joyfully create. Actualize. Innovate. Pioneer.

You can take long, deeply restorative vacations.

Donate money to causes that are important to you —huge amounts of money that can make a real difference in this world.

Make investments that will benefit your family for generations.

Build your Iconic Empire to be a true leader

When you’re the head of an Iconic Empire you have the space—creatively, professionally, financially—to truly lead.

You can afford to hire the best of the best for your team, pay them what they’re worth, and nurture them as they grow their skills.

You can model for your clients what’s actually possible and lead them in changing their mainstream mindsets and limiting beliefs.

You lead your niche from the very top. You completely rewrite, restructure, rework how your industry operates. 

You may even change the way your colleagues think about their own career trajectories. (This is exactly what our client Dan Hamill did when he expanded his TV and film acting career to include VIP vocal coaching for 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs.)

“The best thing is this work is really for everyone. Do you have brilliance within you? Do you have star capacity? If you’re an expert at anything, being within this container will bolster your self-worth. If you know in your soul that you’ve got a gift or a calling, and if your courage is greater than your fear then this is the place for you. If you want to die proud, knowing that you’ve stretched to your maximum capacity, Kathryn is your lady. She and her team think big, and they’ll show you how to stop living like there’s a limit to what you can accomplish.” 

Build your Iconic Empire to increase your impact

Icons change lives, all over the planet.

Imagine a woman in Hong Kong, recommending your book to her friends over cocktails. A stockbroker in New York buys your product … and then gives it to all his friends for Christmas. A stressed mom watches your videos from her apartment in Sydney and feels seen for the first time in ages.

When you step into your zone of genius, your work is extraordinary.

And when you transform that into an Iconic Empire it reaches more people and allows your genius to have the impact it deserves. 

When your work has an Iconic impact, people divide their lives into “before” and “after” they encountered you.   

Ready to start building your Iconic Empire? Watch my on-demand masterclass Beyond Influence right now.

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