Iconic Pricing and the Illusion of High Ticket

Money is like water to me.

Pricing has no ceiling to me.

And it shouldn’t to any extraordinary entrepreneur.

I remember a time when I was exploring what to do with myself after selling my eCommerce business. I knew I wanted to work with the top, top, top elite personal brands to guide their branding but I wasn’t sure about the strategy, structure, offering, or pricing.

I was searching around, wandering, listening, taking it all in. Allowing myself to play expansively while I figured out my next big step.

I went down the business coaching rabbit hole.

Passive income, they said.

High ticket, they said.

Million-dollar launches, they said.

Ascension models, they said.

Follow this process – start at the bottom, give loads away for free, incrementally charge more ($97, $297, $997) and then ascend into the world of “high ticket” where the world is AH-MAZING, they said. You can charge $8k, $15k, even $25k if you’re REALLY good. And, so the millions will flow, they said.



As someone who had launched, grown and sold a multi-million dollar ecommerce company – this looked all too familiar.

And, I was exhausted.

Hundreds of thousands of customers a year. A massive staff. Huge overheads. Miniscule profits.


Worse, this time we start FREE then work our way up?

It could be years of frenetic slog with almost no gain.

There has to be a better way.

Aaah, Luxury Business Strategy.

I’ve always LOVED business and looking at the various ways people are mastering their craft. So, while the Gurus were all out there selling their “passive income machines” and 2 comma club funnels… I knew there had to be a better way.

I remember very distinctly having an a-ha moment when I thought of Chanel and the structure of a luxury business – and wondered, can this apply to a personal brand business? Coaching, consulting, agency, authors, speakers? Surely.

The strategy is pretty simple – start at the top and work your way down. Work at the highest end of the market to build authority and credibility (charging prices that are congruent with the highest quality innovation and service) and then once this is established, scale DOWN to licensing and other commercialization opportunities.

Aaah, yes. Of course!

Turn it all around, I thought.

Turn it upside down, I thought.

And, so I did.

I launched Business Bravery, as we were known at the time, as a luxury branding agency for personal brands. I worked on their branding, photography, websites, social media and media presence… launching some big, beautiful, bold brands.

But the thing that constantly came up?

Even for these big names, “killing it” in the traditional way of measuring mainstream business success?

They were massively undercharging. And massively undervaluing themselves. And massively missing out on commercial opportunities I could see so clearly or them.

100K Offers were Born

I started talking about my pricing philosophy – if you are the best in the world at what you do, there should be no cap on your pricing.

Reverse the strategy – it starts with you, your magical world, who you want to work with, invite them in, gate yourself off, innovate and create and grow, and let your audience pay to experience you. Think expansively about commercial opportunities outside of what the mainstream market tells you is possible, and build multiple wealth streams.

What, they said?

I can do that, they said?

Yes. Yes, you can. And, they did.

Many of you probably know me as the “100K Offer” lady…

And, while I am proud of that because it expanded what is possible for thousands of entrepreneurs…

It was actually putting a ceiling on what my clients can achieve.

100k is just scratching the surface.

We’re talking million-dollar offers now. $40m deals. $63 million funds.

I was laughing with a client last week who went from charging $12500 before we started to $500k for the EXACT. SAME. WORK. All in the space of 12 months – because she stepped into the Iconic strategy and brand. And, that’s just scratching the surface of what is possible for her. The pricing is limitless when you are a true Icon.

Expansive Pricing

I want to explain a little more about this mindset…. this is literally directly from a coaching message from one of my strategists to a client, who is currently pricing a deal with one of the biggest brands on the planet, and he wanted to know how much to charge because the delivery of the offer seemed so easy to him.

The biggest thing I would have in your consciousness as you are creating your offer for this individual is that your core self-identity has shifted into being an Icon. This is not just words but rather an integrated, dynamic, alive energy and it is your internal frame of reference for everything. When creating your pricing and what is included, I would actually say to myself, as the best in the world…… and as someone who has activated their Iconic essence, the remuneration that feels expansive and desirable is ……. Remember, just because something is easy for you to execute and will only take a short time for you to turn around does not have ANY bearing on the amount you charge for something. In fact, if you are so expert in something and it just flows with ease, it is actually valued at a much higher amount, expert proficiency is a much higher ticket item. Your Iconic mastery has a priceless value. That is the internal frame I suggest you access. Thinking that you have to equate ease with lower amounts is antithetical to being Iconic. The other part of this is that you are not creating a luxury offer ONLY because they can afford you, you are offering your craft at a high investment because YOU have the expert skillset and ONLY YOU can deliver the result he is looking for with ease, creativity, and specificity. Pricing has to feel resonant internally, so stretch to the edge right before it is uncomfortable, make sense?

Read that, read that and read that again if you are stuck on pricing in the “high ticket” illusion.

Let money be water to you.

Let pricing no longer have a ceiling.

Come with me. Play big. Become Iconic. Build your Iconic Empire.


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