Claiming Your Best in the World for Premium Positioning Success

If you’re already incredibly good at what you do but you want to DOMINATE your niche… then, the transformation you focus on is becoming the PREMIUM brand.  That’s the very first step to achieving 

  • unlimited pricing opportunities, 
  • working with a smaller number but higher quality clients; and of course, 
  • being the first one who gets all of the deals and partnerships.

So, how do you build a premium brand?

We’ve become the dominant premium business strategists in this space, and we’ve found there are some foundational elements that you must integrate into your marketing, business and leadership style to become that premium brand.

Today, I’ll introduce the first of them.

Don’t worry…

The others are coming!

But your only task right now is to focus on what I’m about to share and build it into your premium brand. And that starts with…

Build It Around What You’re the Best in the World At

When you create a premium brand, you take an existing concept or paradigm and shift it. You bring something new to the table in an established niche. But to stand out from the crowd, you need to be the very best at what you do.

Here’s the question to begin establishing this positioning – what is the deepest, richest, most powerful thing that you can honestly claim that no one else in the world can match you with?

Ok, but Kathryn, that sounds a little intimidating.

There may be a lot of competition in your niche who do what you do really well. 

But, here’s my observation for you.  You’re probably looking at a way too broad market.

Note the very precise language I’m using:  what is the deepest, richest, most powerful thing that you can honestly claim that no one else in the world can match you with?

It’s probably not that you’re the best in the world at personal development, or interior design or photography or real estate development or marketing strategy…

No, make it precise.  Make it accurate.  Make it deep, not wide.

An example might be:  I’m the best in the world at heritage interior design for multi-generational families.

That is much more precise. 

Ok, but Kathryn, that sounds arrogant.

Listen, that Icon over there killing it, they have absolute and utter certainty in their expertise and can back it up.

I’m not asking you to claim to be something you’re not.  

I’m certainly not asking you to create an alter-ego and then grow into it (grrrrr, I have so much to say about why this is the wrong strategy, but that’s for another day).

What I am asking you to do is to OWN what you TRULY are UNCHALLENGED at.  

Believe it.  Own it.  Accept it.  Be comfortable enough to actually SAY IT.


You can take that positioning to the market and in the sea of millions and stand out as the undeniable number one, premium brand in this space.

You can own that.  You can have certainty about that.

Premium Positioning Success

I’m launching a new intimate group where we are going to work precisely on becoming the premium brand in your niche for those who are already doing great as a mainstream brand but want to DOMINATE with premium pricing, marketing, sales and offers.  You’ll be working directly with me.  I have a few spaces open now to the right people.  Let me know if you’re interested by filling out the quick application form here so we can begin a conversation.

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