Inspiring Icons and Catalyzing Iconic Empires

I inspire Icons. And catalyze their Iconic Empires.

This week as we hosted our quarterly intensive for our clients has crystallized for me the impact that my work is having on the world. It’s immense. And, I’m only getting started.

Our events are really different from anything else out in the coaching and strategy world. There is no “teaching”. There are very few “tactics”. There are certainly no “templates” and “scripts”.

Because my audience is filled with Icons.

And… Icons don’t copy.

Icons are the trendsetter in their niche. They are extreme pioneers. They innovate and create and blaze trails.

So handing them scripts and templates and swipe files is antithetical to their being.

My role here is to inspire.

Not “ra ra” inspirational walking on hot coals and chanting inspire. We are way beyond inch-deep personal development and business coaching here, folks.

Instead, it is to inspire the biggest thinking for the greatest minds.

Instead, it is to inspire the brightest ideas for the most gifted experts.

Instead, it is to inspire the most expansive visions for the most genius creators.

And, then it is my team’s role to walk side by side with them to bring that vision to life.

Because there is no sense in having the most extraordinary vision in the world and having all the capability in the world and then never actualizing it.

Inspiring Icons

If you ask me today what my chief role is, it is this: Inspiring Icons.

Yes, I create extraordinary brands. Yes, I commercialize influence at the highest level. Yes, I lead a team of the greatest creatives on the planet. Yes, I am an investor and co-creator of millions of dollars of assets and growth businesses.

But, the essence is this. From dawn to dusk (and in between, if I’m frank): I breathe this mission. I inspire Icons.

What does that look like?

It was brought together in our intensive this week.

  • I listen very intently to the greatest minds (my clients) and can see the spark clearly when it arises. I deeply explore that spark, guiding intense conversations until the most expansive version of that vision is materialized.
  • I tell powerful stories that are deeply researched and filled with evidence of greatness, of how Iconic Empires were born, raised, nurtured, and actualized.
  • I add powerful magic to expansive creative ideas and show the pathway to produce the revolution.
  • I interview my greatest Icons and we explore deeply their powerful achievements, providing the most potent evidence of possibility for their peers.
  • I empower my team to partner with my clients to bring their vision to reality. I take their success very seriously – as seriously as I take my clients’ success.
  • I believe. And when the person you trust to actualize your vision believes – truly believes – then, success is inevitable.
  • I am quiet often and allow our clients as a collective, what we call the Greatest Greatness Community on the planet, to create organically. Frequently, this community of Icons needs nothing from me but to curate greatness and simply be.

We heard stories of $50m businesses being born in our world. Multi-million-dollar deals. Working with royalty, A-listers, and politicians to truly affect change. Stories of relief when moving from mainstream to iconic strategies. Stories of second acts. Redefining entire words. Revolutionizing entire industries. Stepping into greatness and creating disruptive legacies.

My Icons at home.

Iconic Ideas to Action: Producing Revolutions and Creating Iconic Empires

I said last week that I felt giddy. There isn’t a better word for it.

Hundreds of the most impactful ideas that could change the world and create extraordinary wealth were catalyzed.

But, there is no sense in simply inspiring if no action takes place.

It’s the reason I precisely use the word “could”.

The brave move forward. The brave work. The brave “do”.

My team is the best in the world at taking those Iconic ideas and making them come to life – building Iconic Empires.

We move from the euphoria of ideation to production now.

The bigness of what’s in front of Icons can be confronting. But with a team that literally produces the kinds of outcomes that shift everything (the results we speak of above…), daunting turns to magical flow.

Bravely doing, side by side with my incredible team.

And, more Iconic Empires are built. It’s inevitable.

Come with me. Play big. Become Iconic. Build your Iconic Empire.


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