Mastering Money Mindset for Selling Premium Offers

I’d like to tell you a story about one of my clients.

This client had already gotten to the point where he could make a premium offer. He could already sell a service at $100k to the exact people that he wanted to work with. And frankly, he already worked with some of the biggest names in his chosen niche.

That likely sounds like an ideal scenario for you right now.

However, this client had the potential to do so much more.

The challenge was that he’d convinced himself that $100k was the limit. He’d sold at that level, so he figured he’d have to stick there.

One day, we had a conversation about this idea of him being stuck at $100k. I took a look at his offer and told him straight – this is a $500k offer.

He wrinkled his nose a little and looked over the offer he already has. And he realized that I was right. He had a $500k offer that he’d massively undervalued. He made the switch to $500k and started selling at that level in the blink of an eye.

Why am I telling you this story?

It’s to show you that even people who already operate at the premium level can run into money mindset issues. They can have blockages that stop them from reaching the level that they should get to with their offer.

Now, let’s focus on you.

Right now, you’re likely struggling with the concept of making a premium offer, to begin with. And $100k from a single client seems like a big ask based on your current model.

That’s only because you haven’t mastered the money mindset.

In this article, I’m going to share some tips that will help you along. But before we get to that, you need to understand the scale of the challenge you face.

The Big Money Challenge

The biggest challenge that you face with money is the perception that you have of its value. If the simple idea of selling at $100k, $250k, or $1 million gets you hot under the collar, we are in a little trouble to begin with and before we even get to creating offers and brand and targeting… well, mastering your premium money mindset HAS to be your priority.

Perhaps you’ve never personally invested at this level before, so your frame of reference is what happens in the movies or what you see on shows like Succession or Dallas where money is no object.  These dramatizations are truly fun to watch, but they aren’t the reality of high net worth individuals. So, if you cannot envision ever investing at this level and you’ve never had any experience with people at this level of net worth, it’s extremely hard to actualize a premium sale.

Perhaps you’ve become so adept at selling mainstream offers at a lower level that the idea of moving from $2k or $20k to hundreds of thousands or even millions in one transaction seems so outside of reality that you cannot see how anyone on your list, in your network or world would ever be able to pay this type of fee or even see the value in it.

Overcoming this perception is one of the biggest hurdles you face when creating a premium offer. You need to recognize that your preconceived notions don’t serve you. They’re not representative of reality. In every niche I’ve ever discussed with a client, we have been able to see a premium position.  We have been able to see clients who will invest at this level.   

I’ve yet to meet a niche yet where there isn’t a premium position to take.  Whether you claim it or not is simply down to you.  Letting go of the money issues that don’t serve you.  Letting go of the mainstream strategies that are keeping you small.

I understand that it’s a difficult concept to grasp when you haven’t worked at the premium level before. That’s why I have five tips that will help you master the premium money mindset so your preconceived notions will stop holding you back.

Premium Money Mindset Tip #1 – Believe in Your Value

Believing that you offer enough value to justify a premium price tag is so important.You’ve got to get inside the head of your ideal client and work out what they want from your offer. What are their deepest desires and how can you make them come true?  How can you expand the vision of possibility for them?

More importantly, you also need to get clear on the perception that your ideal client has of your offer.  Let’s assume that you grew up in an environment where money wasn’t always easily available. Later, you started a business and didn’t have the premium level of success that you wanted. Furthermore, you’ve never made an investment on the same level that you’re going to ask a client to invest in.  All of these scenarios create the preconceived notions that I talked about earlier. Plus, they make it harder for you to see the value of your offer in the context of how your ideal client perceives it.  That’s because you’re seeing it instead through the lens of somebody who’s never invested at that level.  

Know that you’re the expert in your niche and you offer something that nobody else can. More importantly, know that the people you’re going to work with have a different perception of money compared to the one you have right now.  And know that you have every right to feel confident in the value and transformation that you provide.

Premium Money Mindset Tip #2 – Don’t Listen to the Gurus Who Tell You That Premium Tops Out at $25,000

There are a lot of gurus out there who claim that premium offers top out at the $25,000 range. They’ll even tell you that you’ll only hit that sort of number if you’re really lucky.  Some gurus also try to tell you that making $2,000 offers is the right way to go. They teach that high volume at this low level will allow you to build a strong business.

In my experience, this is just because it’s the only way mainstream business strategists and coaches know.  They have no experience selling something for $100k+++ or in the millions per offer. 

If someone is telling you that something is not possible, always have a healthy amount of skepticism.  Ask yourself why they are saying that.  Is it driven by envy?  Lack of experience? 

In the case of premium clients, if you’re looking for proof, look no further than me and my clients.  We are living proof that it is indeed possible. We constantly prove that $25,000 is not the ceiling.

Find the evidence and be around people who “get” your goals, not people who quash them.

Premium Money Mindset Tip #3 – Understand That There’s a World of Clients Willing to Invest at a Premium Level

When I first started this business, I followed the advice of some of the biggest names in the coaching and strategy space.  I bought EVERYTHING around – courses, masterminds, communities, challenges – if there was a launch, I bought it.  I took everything in.  I was the proverbial sponge.

And, what I learned was to double down on mainstream – volume, low prices, start at the bottom.  All the things I had done in my previous business that I wasn’t excited to replicate.

So I found “high ticket” – the world of **gasp** $6,000 and $15,000 offers… but I wasn’t attracting abundance.  I wasn’t acting in abundance.  I wasn’t living up to my possibilities.

I didn’t have someone to pain the vision of expanded possibility for me, so I had to do it for myself.  I sought out an alternative… and remembered back to my days selling sponsorship packages for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I remembered back to my days of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in agencies to run marketing campaigns. 

There was PLENTY of evidence around me that it was possible to charge much more premium prices.  I just had to learn how to do this for a personal brand.

Long story short, I studied and studied luxury brands and developed our own Laws of Luxury for Personal Brands which became the backbone of everything we teach all of our clients; and realized what I needed to do to stake that claim at the very top of the market I wanted to dominate.

Even more than this, I developed the system of becoming Iconic – which is the nucleus of everything we do at Iconic Influencers.

All of this is to say, I discovered that if you stake a claim at the top of your niche and you position yourself there, and you follow our guidance with hypertargeting your ideal clients, you’ll find that there ARE in fact people in every niche willing to invest at a premium level.

Premium Money Mindset Tip #4 – Don’t Let Somebody Else’s Perception of Value Affect Your Own

When I made the transition to premium offers, I let go of the old perceptions of my value. I realized that those perceptions didn’t come from my own understanding of my value. They came from somebody else’s.  I’d allowed others to influence my own beliefs around the value of money and my position in the market.  I’d followed the gurus and allowed the wrong segment of the market to determine my price. That’s what’s happening with you, too. You’re talking to the wrong people, which means you can’t see the real value of what you bring to the table. You’re trying to sell your best work at a low-ticket value, which reinforces the perception. The lesson here is to know what you’re worth. Don’t allow other people’s opinions of your value to influence your own perception of it.

Tip #5 – Focus on the Experience (As Well as the Outcome)

Aagh, networking.  Yes, I know.  I know.  But all of the marketing and sales we do at a premium level is about connections and relationships; and in order to create relationships with ultra high net worth individuals or decision-makers at brands that invest at this level; you have to BE with them and you have to BE COMFORTABLE with them.

So get out there and experience what they experience.  Be part of that world.

Never stepped into a 7 star resort before?  Make it happen.  Never been to the premier event for your niche before where the super stars hang out?  Make it your business to be there.

I remember interviewing Josh Flagg once and he said that it wouldn’t matter if he lost everything today because he could make everything back in a heartbeat anywhere in the world because he would simply seek out the people he needed to meet to make deals.

Be that person.  Seek it out.  Hypertarget the right rooms.  You’ll soon feel a part of the premium world.

Mastering Mindset Leads to Results

Letting go of what does not serve you is a good mantra for every facet of your life, but most especially when it comes to stepping into an elevated, premium position for your business.  These Money Mindset tips should get you started in the best possible way, and if you want to know more… get started with my 100k Offer System.  It’s where so many of the premium brands across all sorts of interesting and diverse niches have got their start into the world of premium offers and deals.

I’d love to help you navigate your way to premium. Head over to my website 100k Offers where you can learn more and start your 100k Journey with my 100k Offer System.

It will be worth it, I promise.

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