The Gating Concept (And the ABSOLUTE MAGIC It Brings to Your Marketing)

Stop trying to be everything to everyone.  Stop it.  Immediately.


The idea of reaching everyone might sound appealing at first.  You offer the broadest possible offer to the broadest possible market because the numbers seem really exciting.

Imagine having a market of millions of potential buyers with a low-ticket offer and then converting even a fraction of those people into actual paying customers and bringing home the billions.

If that appeals, you’re in the wrong place.

What appeals to an Icon, to the best of the best, is selectivity, exclusivity, and richness.  

Less quantity, more quality, and utter magic.

To a premium brand, offering everything to everyone is to dilute the very essence of what makes your brand unique, desirable, and, ultimately, Iconic.

Premium brands are inaccessible to the masses.  Very deliberately.  

They are magical.  Mystifying.  Unique.  Unparalleled…

They are FOLLOWED.  Not the follower.

They are the LEADER.  Not led.

They are INACCESSIBLE.  Not available.

They are gated away.

Gating Creates a Crucible for Creativity, Innovation and Unparalleled Service

When you’re the very best in the world at what you do, the concept of gating isn’t about exclusivity for its own sake. It’s about creating an environment where your brand can thrive in its unique magic – the magic that defines it as a premium entity and continues to allow you to innovate as the best of the best of the best. 

This exclusive space becomes a crucible for creativity, innovation, and unparalleled service, unattainable elements when spread thin over a vast, indiscriminate market.

Icons tap into the magic that makes their brand the premium brand that it is…

Becoming richer, more powerfully creative and transformative as they enhance and develop their expertise as an Icon.

None of this is possible without gating.  None of this is possible when trying to please everybody.

Gating: The Art of Cultivating Exclusivity to Elevate Your Brand

Gating, in its essence, is the strategic creation of exclusivity within your brand. It’s a deliberate choice to open your doors only to a select, discerning few – those YOU genuinely wish to engage and work with… note the intentional use of “you” get to choose here…. This isn’t just about forming an exclusive club but crafting an experience that stands at the pinnacle of quality and rarity.

At its heart, a gated brand creates exclusive spaces, products or offerings where your brand can perform its magic uninhibitedly and where your clients can experience something truly extraordinary.

In a world where everything seems within reach, gating is all about embedding the allure of the unattainable in your brand, offerings and messaging. It transforms a brand into a coveted treasure, a hidden gem that promises an experience as rare as it is remarkable.

The Power of Selectivity

The first practical step to gating is committing to selectivity.  Being extremely selective about who is given the keys to your magical world – who you select to become a client – is a bold statement about who your brand is for – and, just as importantly, who it is not for. This selectivity is a powerful tool. It communicates value, desirability, and prestige. It tells a story of a brand so confident in its worth that it dares to turn away the masses in favor of the few who genuinely resonate with its ethos.

Extraordinary Offerings

By focusing on a very intentional audience, you can create unsurpassed services, products, and customer experiences with precision (and joy) that simply would not be feasible on a larger scale. This meticulous attention to detail elevates you instantly from mainstream to extraordinary.

In practical terms, one of the most popular gating ideas that many of my clients are working on now across many different niches is creating an exclusive secret society for their hand-selected clientele.  This works equally well for a coach, consultant, agency owner, influencer, content creator, author, expert, celebrity… 

An intimate group of hand-selected people behind closed doors, where you offer unique experiences, unparalleled access, and a sense of belonging to something truly extraordinary.  The keys to the Secret Society are only offered to a select few, creating instant gating for your brand.

If this sounds exciting… here are some ways to start to formulate this for yourself:

Curate Membership with Care: Membership should be by invitation only, reserved for your most valued clients. These are individuals who not only bring financial value but also align with the Society’s ethos. They are the ambassadors of your brand’s values and contribute to the Society’s exclusivity.

Ensure Mutual Benefit: While the Society should be exclusive, it should also be mutually beneficial. Offer members opportunities to grow their networks, access exclusive knowledge, or receive first-hand information about industry innovations.

Shared Purpose and Values: Your secret society should be more than just an exclusive club; it should have a core purpose and set of values that resonate with your elite clientele. Whether it’s about advancing industry knowledge, exclusive networking, or providing luxury experiences, the society’s ethos should align with the interests and aspirations of its members.

Unparalleled Experiences: The key to a successful secret society is in the experiences you offer. These should be unique, possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that can’t be found elsewhere. Think along the lines of private events with industry leaders, luxury retreats, or early access to new products and services.

The Air of Mystery: The allure of a secret society is in its secrecy. Develop a communication strategy that is discreet and intriguing. Use personalized invitations, encrypted messages, or even physical tokens that signify membership.

Maintain Privacy and Trust: The privacy and trust of your members are paramount. Ensure that all interactions within the Society are held to the highest confidentiality standards.

Personalize the Experience: Tailor the experiences and communication to each member. This personalization makes each member feel uniquely valued and deepens their connection to the Society.

Establish Traditions and Symbols: Develop traditions, rituals, or symbols that are exclusive to your Society. Creating a sense of tradition and belonging is paramount.

Continuously Innovate: Keep the Society dynamic and engaging by regularly introducing new experiences, guests, and opportunities. This will maintain member interest and loyalty over time.

Unobtainium: The Gated Brand

For those of you drawn to working deeply, richly, powerfully, and creatively… executing a gating strategy into your brand, marketing and offers positions your brand as not just a choice but a privilege, enhancing its desirability among those who seek the best.

Ultimately, gating is an artful blend of marketing, psychology, and brand storytelling. It’s a sophisticated dance in exclusivity that, when executed correctly, can transform your brand into an iconic symbol of luxury and prestige. Gating is a powerful statement of who you are, what you stand for, and the extraordinary experience you promise to those who are granted access to your world.

It’s magic, but so are you.

Want to Create a Gated Offer?

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