Why Be Iconic?

It endlessly frustrates me when someone doesn’t have the desire to step into their greatest potential.

Why wouldn’t you want to live the biggest life possible?

Why wouldn’t you want to make the world a better place?

Why wouldn’t you want to create change?

Why wouldn’t you want to achieve your ultimate success – wealth, happiness, fulfillment at every level?

If you are gifted with true genius and the possibility of achieving a life of extreme brightness, then surely it is your responsibility to step up and walk the path of the Icon.

Surely. Surely.

Why Be Smaller?

The “why be Iconic” question to me seems so redundant and would be to anyone who has that inner knowing they are destined for greatness or really big things in life.

The better question would be, “why be smaller than you can be?”

I remember listening to an amazing interview with Sia on Louis Theroux’s podcast, and at one point, she admitted with a huge amount of emotion that she has been dumbing down her music for a mainstream audience for years.


The extraordinary songwriter, singer, and creative. She’s been caught up in the nonsense of mainstream marketing and business strategies and those music companies (who, yes, have made her millions) have kept her SMALL.

Why would Sia allow that to happen? Why?

Mainstream Marketing Keeps You Small

I don’t know the answer to why Sia would allow that to happen, but I do know, with absolute conviction that the reason why she was advised to do this by her record label, her marketing team and her “people” is that mainstream marketing caters to the masses.

  • Mainstream marketing listens to its market and reacts.
  • Mainstream marketing watches its competition and reacts.
  • Mainstream marketing caters to the quantity.
  • Mainstream marketing DUMBS DOWN GREATNESS.

It keeps extraordinarily gifted people small.

Now, there are great mainstream marketing companies around, and brilliant companies that leverage a mainstream play really nicely – hello Amazon, Starbucks et al.

BUT… for someone who is gifted with genius, this is DEATH. It will bore them to tears. Their creativity and innovation are aching to come out and can’t in this scenario.

Consider great innovators and their opinions on listening to and reacting to competition and their market:

“It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”


“If I had asked the public what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”


“When I did H&M everyone said don’t do it and it worked. When I took over Chanel everyone said to me don’t do it, it’s dead, it doesn’t work, it worked. So I better not listen to people and follow my instincts.”


So, what is Sia to do? What are gifted types to do?

Is there an alternative to the widely accepted Mainstream Marketing?

Yes! Become Iconic: Leveraging a Luxury Business Model

Icons lead (properly lead).

Icons innovate.

Icons create.

Icons elevate.

Icons actualize.


They follow a luxury business model. Over the past several years, I have studied luxury business models and learned how to apply them to personal brands to create Icons. It’s the most extraordinary way to run a business for Iconic brands. Anyone who is gifted will ADORE a luxury model.

In a nutshell, the strategy comes down to these key features:

  • Luxury businesses are the trendsetter and market innovator (never copy! or dull things down!)
  • Luxury businesses never look sideways or backwards, only forwards (hello true leadership and innovation)
  • Luxury businesses create revenue via premium, quality sales with a descending model (not bottom up, but top down)
  • Luxury businesses sell via “expansion” based marketing (go big or go home)
  • Luxury businesses create deep, long-term relationships with clients and brands (hello big dollars and wonderful retention)

Becoming Iconic Keeps You BIG

My clients and I have been applying a luxury business model with the most extraordinary outcomes.

Yes, there are $40 million deals and million-dollar offers, and TV deals and partnerships with ideal brands…. Yes, Yes, Yes.

But more than this?

It allows the world’s most gifted people to truly live in their greatness.







Those like Sia would never be bored again in this model. They’d be leading. Creating in their true potency and power.

So, for authors, speakers, creators, creatives, consultants, CEOs, athletes… the question isn’t “Why Be Iconic?”, it is “Why Play Small?”

And, I cannot see a reason AT ALL why you would want to choose that life.

Play big. Become Iconic. Build your Iconic Empire.


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