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Glennon Doyle recorded a podcast on turning 46 that catalyzed some big conversations around success. She claims to be pumped about middle-age and is celebrating her success, saying she has “done her best.” She feels she is in “intermission”

It endlessly frustrates me when someone doesn’t have the desire to step into their greatest potential. Why wouldn’t you want to live the biggest life possible? Why wouldn’t you want to make the world a better place? Why wouldn’t

There’s no one more beloved than Maggie Beer in Australia. She’s adored by young and old alike. Her industry reveres her. The whole nation holds her up as a beacon of happiness and delight… and of course fabulous food

“I just sold a $400K deal! I am not even a week into working with this team. To say my world has changed working with Kathryn is the ultimate understatement! I AM SO EXCITED! “